Monopoly – Rules And Strategy

Monopoly is a board game published by Hasbro. The goal of the game is to destroy its competitors by real estate transactions. It symbolizes the obvious and dramatic aspects of capitalism, making fortunes and breaking over the hot dice.


Monopoly was created in 1933 by Charles Darrow. The game is heavily inspired by “The Landlord’s Game” created by Elizabeth Magie in 1904, a game that Charles Darrow had enjoyed as a child.


The play contains an apron of square play whose contour is bordered of boxes, the majority symbolizing land and buildings. The tokens represent current objects in miniature: die to be sewn, top hat, etc Of the money symbolic system, the charts and the dice supplement the material of the play. The play can be practiced from two to eight players, but with this number of participants a part could last ten hours.

Official Rules

The properties are grouped by colors. As soon as a player is in possession of the whole of the properties of the same color, it is able there to build houses and hotels, the player thus has a monopoly [1]. He must build uniformly: there cannot be more than one house of difference between two grounds of the same color (a hotel corresponds to 5 houses). Moreover, one can build one hotel by ground.